Nantucket Stone

Nantucket Stone - The Island’s Surfacing


Nantucket has earned its reputation as an exclusive summer tourist destination. The properties reflect the clientele: the highest quality craftsmanship, refined construction and an incredible variety of top-end stonework – all housed within the impressive abodes which grace this remarkable island.

Thanks to Nantucket Stone’s twenty years’ specialist experience – including ten on Nantucket Island itself – working with over one-hundred local builders, we deliver an unparalleled service representative of the surrounds.

Our primary concern is quality coupled with customer satisfaction; our premium material demands a client-centric approach. We’ve established ourselves as the leading supplier of top-quality stone, shown in full kitchen and bathroom displays including samples from every leading quartz company – in what is the only showroom on Nantucket Island.

While it's never easy transporting this elegant material to such a secluded place; the weather, location, and availability of materials each presenting a unique challenge - we face our obstacles head-on.

We have mastered our art in this majestic location; our experience stands us apart.

Talk to those who work with us; they will all say the same. We go above and beyond; we instill trust; we are forever reliable and true to our word. Yes, much of what we do is custom; nearly always complex. 

However, we navigate the unknown to get the job done, never letting the unexpected let the customer down. Mitered edges, laminated edge-work, or a custom stone sink; specialties you’ll recognize by the enduring quality of Nantucket Stone's craft.


The Island’s Surfacing – it’s yours to explore.


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